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Purchase Order Process

  • Initiating the online requisition is the first step in the process to create a purchase order.
  • The online requisition form is located in Ask Banner-Budgets-Finance-Requisition. For instructions, please click on “HELP” link in the top right corner of the requisition screen.
  • From the information received on the requisition, a purchase order hard copy will be generated by the Purchasing Department.
  • This hard copy will then either be mailed or faxed to the vendor, as expressed by the requisitioning party.
  • Purchases of $500-$1,000 require one (1) quote, verbal or faxed.
  • Purchases exceeding $1,000 but less than or equal to $5,000, require three (3) written, faxed or verbal quotes. This documentation must be submitted via fax to the Purchasing Department.
  • The preferred use of a sole vendor for orders exceeding $1000 requires a letter of justification from the requesting department, giving the reasons why the purchase should not be subject to the bid process.
  • Ongoing system training in the Requisition/Purchase Order process is offered by the Purchasing Department to newly appointed staff or anyone unfamiliar with the system.